The Future of the Mind


Hour long video of a talk about his book “The Future of the Mind”.

This is a bit long for how useful it is, but some of the remarks led to other references.


  • memories have been uploaded into a mind
  • telling lie involves more brain than the truth (knowing the truth, coming up with consistent, believable lie)
  • blood drains from prefrontal cortex of men when looking at beautiful women
  • Neurosky body and mind sensors
  • recording/decoding a thought/dream:
  • MRI size of a briefcase created now
    • smallest MRI physically possible is mobile phone sized
  • brain initiative 1 billion dollars: Brain 2.0 - connectome
  • induce “hyper religiousity” through a helmet
    • feel like your in the presence of a great spirit
  • consciousness
    • the continuous creation of a model that describes our place in space time and relationship to others to be used to predict the future
    • 1 unit: a single feedback loop
    • ex: thermometer
    • flower has maybe 10 units of consciousness: light, water, gravity, temperature, etc
  • reptile brain: level 1: your place in space
  • mammalian: level 2: emotions - where you are socially
  • humans: level 3: where are in the future
    • joke: punchline is different from weakly expected outcome
  • level 4:
    • better predictions of the future?
    • faster adaption and canging of predictions
    • less bias towards desired outcomes
    • less ignorance of undesired outcomes
    • better at keeping more options open
    • Alex Wissner-Gross: F = T ∇ Sτ
  • one measure that correlates with success:
    • delayed gratification: indicating level 3 consciousness
  • brain doesn’t look at all like a computer