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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Our Big Bet For The Future

Bill & Melinda’s “notes” for their vision of 2030: improved health, farming, mobile banking, and improved software for learning will improve the lives of the poor faster than ever.

The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence

An incredible, in-depth overview of the thinking around the development and rise of ASI (Artificial Superintelligece).

Big data is better data

Machine learning and big data will shape our lives in the near future.

2030: Privacy is Dead

23 min video of a talk decribing 2030 and the “engines” that allow teens to feel telepathic and share everything about themselves.

Creo Animam

In June, Univox Choir will be presenting a concert that investigates the near future, one where the pace of change has continued to accelerate, everything digital is free, in price and liberty, everything you want to track is recorded, and personal and collective power is only exceeded by the new forms life we have dreamed into the world around us.

What is our destiny when we have created beings that surpass us in every way?