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Cory Doctorow: The Coming Civil War of General-purpose Computing

Hour long talk by Cory outlining the struggle over trust of our computers - that we put our bodies into and increasingly will put into our bodies.

Andrew Ng: Deep Learning, Self-Taught Learning and Unsupervised Feature Learning

45 min in-depth talk about “deep”, self-taught and unsupervised machine learning.

Welcome to Life

Hilarious 3 min video of a 1st person perspective of your afterlife after brain scanning under a corporate regime.

The Future of the Mind

Hour long video of a talk about his book “The Future of the Mind”.

Rap News: The Singularity

An amazing musical commentary in 7 minutes. Featuring Ray Kurzweil and Alex Jones, Rap news investigates the Singularity and those who worship and fear it.

Humans Need Not Apply

15 minute video by C. G. P. Grey that gives a great overview of the issues and current state of robotic/software replacements for human labour.