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"This is the most exciting time to be alive. The opportunities to make positive changes have never been so accessible and abundant. Make the world a better place; a place where games are art, and art is free and profitable." - Ryan

Ryan Kelln is a programmer, designer and artist currently living in Toronto, Canada. He studied Computer Science and Visual Arts at the University of Victoria and has been trying to create the Citizen Kane of computer games ever since. He has completed a number of games while working in the industry, but nothing that he calls Art. When Ryan does make art he always ends up collaborating with his friends, making interactive video installations or participatory websites. In 2002 he decided that he could apply what he knew about making games to designing a system that would help everyone create the things they are most passionate about. This required research into an array of fields including history, economics, intellectual property, how cultures change, and how people communicate and collaborate on the 'net. Ryan has traveled and lived in both big and small places in Southeast Asia and Canada, "retired" twice, and is now working on a concert about the Future.

Ryan hopes that he has enough time and ability to learn what you are trying to teach him. Humour and patience seem to work best.



Creo Animam

15/Nov 2014 7 min. read

In June, Univox Choir will be presenting a concert that investigates the near future, one where the pace of change has continued to accelerate, everything digital is free, in price and liberty, everything you want to track is recorded, and personal and collective power is only exceeded by the new forms life we have dreamed into the world around us.

What is our destiny when we have created beings that surpass us in every way?


28/Jan 2012 3 min. read

Qrate is a conceptual design for non-profit, digital library with an integrated patronage system that allows creators to get paid for their work. Everyone has free access to the world’s digital art and information while more people can make a living doing what they love.

The Magic Fish

29/Jan 2009 14 min. read

A short story designed mainly to teach children and “digital immigrants” about the differences between physical objects and digital information.


1/Jan 2009 3 min. read

Ongoing project where each participant shares an image with every other every day. In 2009 I added code to a software program that “collages” information from my day, including photos, text, website browsing history, music I listened to, number of key presses and mouse clicks, etc. It transforms this information into a single image that is then posted onto a website.

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